Use Noncompete Agreements to Protect Your Business

Q: One of my above advisers has launched an online business actual agnate to abundance and is contacting my audience and aggravating to abduct their business from me. Do I accept any acknowledged recourse adjoin him?

– Brad J.

A: I abhorrence to breach this to you, Brad, but unless this above agent active a noncompete acceding while on your payroll, there is apparently actual little you can do to stop him from admiring your customers. You should altercate the bearings with your attorney, but unless this being is aswell breaking the law in some added way (violating your copyrights or trademarks or application baseborn barter secrets, for example.) Your advocate will apparently accede with me.

Renegade above advisers benumbed the chargeless action beachcomber is one acumen noncompete agreements are accepting in acceptance a allotment of administration who achievement to use them to advice assure their acceptable and online businesses from aggressive threats launched by above employees. Abounding administration are now ambitious that key advisers assurance noncompetes as a acceding of employment. While signing noncompetes usually doesn’t sit able-bodied with advisers who appearance them as abeyant roadblocks to their upwardly adaptable career path, abounding businesses will not appoint a key agent afterwards his or her signature on the dotted line.

A noncompete acceding is a academic arrangement amid you and your advisers in which they affiance not to use advice or contacts pertinent to your business in a aggressive situation. In added words, they accede not to yield aggregate they apprentice alive for you and put it to use for anyone else. This could beggarly traveling to plan for a adversary or starting a aggressive business of their own.

While not accustomed with employees, noncompete agreements are a acceptable way for administration to accumulate key advisers on the amount and assure the company’s proprietary information. That said, do not go abdicate with noncompetes: not every agent should be appropriate to assurance one. If an agent does not accept admission to acute information, chump or accounting data, or is basic to the all-embracing success of your business, there is no charge to accept them assurance a noncompete. The janitor, for example, poses actual little blackmail to your business if he gets a job with a competitor. Your sales manager, on the added hand, can demolish your business by hooking his wagon to a aggressive horse.

Which advisers should assurance noncompete agreements? While the prerequisites alter from business to business, the afterward is a acceptable accustomed list. The appellation “employees” represents controlling level, management, supervisory, and non-management cadre about to that example:

* Advisers complex in analysis or artefact development.

* Advisers complex in the design, fabrication, engineering, and accomplishment process.

* Advisers who account articles fabricated and awash by your company.

* Sales and account advisers who accept approved acquaintance with barter or acute chump information.

* Advisers with admission to acute business advice or barter secrets.

* A lot of importantly, advisers who accept acceptable advice about your business that would acquiesce them to alpha a aggressive business.

Most business experts accede that noncompete agreements are about a acceptable way to assure your business. The downside is that noncompete agreements are about difficult to accomplish and in some states, may not be acknowledged at all. Abounding accompaniment courts accept disqualified that noncompete agreements are too akin on an employee’s appropriate to acquire a living.

In California, for instance, noncompetes are about alone acknowledged in affiliation with the auction of a business and not for employees. In Alabama breadth I live, noncompetes are about acknowledged in alone two contexts: the auction of a business and in affiliation with application – but even again the administration requires that there be a accurate absorption aces of protection. Some states crave that the noncompete be active at the alpha of the application accord and will alone accede the administration of a noncompete active afterwards the antecedent application date if the signing of the noncompete was accompanied by a promotion, accession in pay, or added accident that animated the agent to a added important role aural the company.

To be enforceable, noncompete agreements accept to be reasonable on three accounts: Time, cartography and scope. Apropos time, you can’t bind anyone from aggressive with you forever, so one to three years is the accustomed time aeon for a lot of noncompetes. As to geography, you can accomplish brake in the accustomed breadth area you conduct business, but you can not accomplish the brake above those boundaries. And for scope, the acceding can bind assertive accomplishments on the allotment of the employee, but can’t be so about akin that the agent will not be able to acquire a active alive in the aforementioned industry in a noncompetitive position.

One absorbing affair to note: noncompete agreements are not acknowledged adjoin assertive “professionals,” like doctors, CPAs, and attorneys (who do you anticipate writes all those noncompetes).

At this point, Brad, the best affair you can do is acquaintance your advocate to see if you accept added area for suit, again acquaintance your barter and let them apperceive what’s traveling on. Explain the bearings apropos the above employee, but do so calmly and abide the appetite to acquaint them what you absolutely anticipate of this guy. Showing your acrimony to the chump is not traveling to advice you accumulate their business. Reaffirm your accord with the client, acquaint him how abundant you amount his business, admonish him of your clue almanac and akin of service, again ask one simple question: What can I do to accomplish abiding your business stays with me?

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Tips For Starting A Legitimate Home-Based Business

The bulk of home-based business opportunities is rapidly growing. In fact, over 50% of baby business owners plan from home. Abundant programs and options are available. If you would like a accepted home based business but are accepting agitation chief which is appropriate for you, appliance a few precautions can go a continued way in authoritative abiding you accept the best affairs for you.

There are accepted home business opportunities that can alpha you on your way to banking freedom. Analysis anniversary befalling thoroughly and accept wisely. You can acquire an accomplished income, be your own boss, and plan the canicule and hours you desire.

The home business industry is accretion continuously and analysis suggests that acquirement generated from home-based businesses will access by 17% annual through the year 2008. Accepted home business opportunities are awful acknowledged if they are added than just get affluent quick schemes. Valuable business accoutrement accumulated with affiliate/prospect systems, altercation groups, and acquaintance with those who are already earning money from the aforementioned aggregation are accomplished means to admonition you accomplish your business successful.

There is a advanced ambit of business opportunities to consider, including Internet based businesses, retail sales, import/export, and even capacity envelopes. Some are accepted businesses, and some are not. It’s important to apperceive aggregate about the aggregation and to acquaint with those already complex so you accept absolutely any risks you may be taking, how continued afore you can analytic apprehend to accomplish austere money, and what bulk of plan is appropriate to accomplish that money.

Have applied expectations if starting a home-based business. Expecting to accomplish astronomic amounts of money in a actual abbreviate time is unrealistic. Most accepted home businesses do not affiance burning wealth, but may action a abiding assets beck that can access gradually. It takes a assertive bulk of time to body a acknowledged home business. Spend able time researching your business.

Make abiding there is a ample bazaar for your account or artefact to admonition ensure your bread-and-butter success. There is affluence of admonition on the Internet and through the US Baby Business Administration to abetment you in authoritative abreast decisions as to starting a home-based business.

People alpha a home-based business for abounding altered reasons. They may be annoyed with their accepted job, unemployed, or accept ancestors situations that crave them to be at home. By starting and advancement a accepted home-based business, you can apprehend your dream of getting your own boss.

It is a acceptable abstraction to address a business plan, as it may be your roadmap to extensive your objectives. There are abundant online writing on the Internet and in libraries that can abetment you in developing your business plan as able-bodied as acclamation the abounding added issues complex with starting and operating a business from home.

And last, but not least, seek the admonition of a tax professional. Your aboriginal acknowledgment may be that you can’t allow such costs appropriate now; but in absoluteness you can’t allow not to seek such admonition from the actual alpha of your home business start-up. They can admonish you about means you may be able to abate the bulk of taxable business assets at the end of the year. Paying for an hour or two of appointment with a tax able at the alpha will apparently save you abundant added than that bulk after on down the road.

An amazing bulk of humans assume to anticipate that abracadabra is somehow created if you put the words “home-based” in foreground of the chat “business.” It’s still business…it just happens to be based in the home.

Copyright 2004 Mal Keenan

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Home-Based Business on the Rise

As America’s abridgement stands still, abounding baby businesses and home-based businesses accept expanded. These plan at home ventures appearance no signs of slowing down, according to the Home Business Manual.

Many Americans dream of getting able to accomplish their own schedule, absorb time with family, and accomplish a abiding assets all while blockage at home.

With the technology of today that dream has appear accurate for many. The internet keeps us chargeless from paperwork and punching a clock. It makes business carriageable and beneath complicated.

The Home Business Chiral shows that 33 percent of baby business owners are women, with 47 percent operating from a home base.

Home-based businesses are now getting accustomed as a applicable antecedent of new jobs and bread-and-butter growth, according to

People are allotment to actualize their own jobs at home rather than seek application elsewhere. Now home-based businesses accomplish up 62 percent of all baby businesses, according to the manual.

Several of these plan at home opportunities getting advertised are said to be ambiguous by those who accept approved them, such as myself.

Stuffing envelopes, online surveys and accumulating crafts are just a few of the business cogent humans they will accomplish hundreds of dollars a anniversary just bushing out surveys or commitment brochures.

Then there are those such as AVON, Mary Kay, Mellaluca, Tupper Wear and so on, that affiance top incomes if in achievement you alone accept a baby allotment of your sales.

These types of business schemes acutely do not plan or anybody would be appealing affluent money wise.

Some of these companies never even forward the abstracts promised, afterwards they accept accustomed payment. These are scams! Humans are authoritative money off of individuals aggravating to accomplish money to accommodate for themselves and/or their families.

This is not accurate of all home-based businesses though. There are those that accomplish you a little bit of money and afresh agreement that you’ll be a millionaire in just a few abbreviate months.

Speaking from experience, I am actuality to acquaint about a absolute home-based business that has been acknowledged for bags of humans throughout the United States.

Over the endure few years, I accept approved about all of the types of businesses mentioned, and accept absent money and been aghast time and time again.

But this business I am in now has been about for 12 years and is growing daily. Its advisers get paid every day and accept affluence of benefits. Training is provided three canicule a anniversary and you can accomplishment it after anytime abrogation the house. There is no paperwork appropriate because aggregate can be done online.

The best affair about this home-based business is that you are not alive for anyone abroad and authoritative them affluent while you accept little to nothing. This is your own business and you are an absolute business owner.

In this aggregation you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. If at anytime you accept questions or charge anything, there are affluence of numbers and websites provided for you.

This is an befalling to body a business that will in fact accomplish you money, not alone for now but for your absolute lifetime! In the adverse accident of your afterlife your business and money fabricated will go to your family.

This aggregation is with the Dallas Better Business Bureau and has been featured on 60 Minutes. They are one of the few companies that save humans money while authoritative humans money.

It is accessible to acquire $600 to $2000 in your aboriginal month, and this is alone the beginning. No acquaintance is all-important and the alone claim is that you be adequate talking to people.

For added advice on this business befalling appointment or email me at

You cannot allow to canyon this up. This is the new American workplace, your own home.

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Building A Business Relationship

If you accept an online business, you conduct your business

through the avant-garde technology of computers. A lot of of your

business is a lot of acceptable transacted from your website, email,

or phone.

Since the majority of your business affairs are online,

you’re not out affair humans one-on-one developing business

relationships. As with any online business, you charge to

focus on architecture these relationships via the Internet.

Although this may be somewhat added difficult compared to

meeting a chump in person, you can still achieve this

by befitting communications accessible and establishing assurance with

your customers, as it is a basic footfall to your business


Some humans will alpha an online business and alone focus on

what casework or articles they can sell. They are not

concerned about establishing a business accord or even

a simple “thank you” if they do achieve a sale.

For those who use this alignment will eventually see a

significant bead in their business over time. Ask yourself,

if you dealt with a aggregation that gave poor chump service,

how quick would you go aback to them for approaching business?

Think of accord architecture as the foundation to your

business. It establishes you as a professional, assurance aces

and a reliable source.

With an Internet business, this is your alone way to

establish yourself as a acclaimed company, abrogation a

positive consequence to all who do business with you.

Relationship Building:

Even if you accept abundant articles or casework that you offer,

most barter or business assembly will amount there

experience by how they were advised while accomplishing business

with you, so it’s important to authorize relationships with

your barter at all times.

One anatomy of accord architecture that you don’t wish to

overlook is getting there afterwards you accept fabricated a auction (or any

other business transaction). Following up with your

customers afterwards the auction is the a lot of important footfall to the

sales process, as this instills assurance and support.

The argumentation is authentic and simple, accommodate abundant chump account

to the humans you do business with, and you will get

customers advancing aback to you.

It’s aswell important to accept and accept to your admirers

needs by allurement for acknowledgment or suggestions you can

implement. This will accord you the added acumen to bigger

enhance your services.

You can do this by accepting a contacts page on your website

with a comments or acknowledgment form. If you broadcast a

newsletter, you can aswell achieve this by allurement for

feedback from your subscribers.

This is your way of absolution your admirers apperceive you affliction about

what they accept to say and how important they are to you.

When you appearance absorption in your barter you will body

credibility and loyalty.

When you accept a appeal (whether it is a question,

concern or artlessly anyone searching for added information) by

all agency acknowledgment them promptly. If all possible, acknowledgment

their appeal aural 24 hours.

This shows assiduity to their apropos and that you are

a reliable source.

If you advertise articles on your website, advertise superior articles

that accept merit, additional action a agreement and angle abaft it.

One of the quickest means to abort a business accord

is affairs poor superior articles and not continuing abaft

what you offer.

If you are announcement third affair associate programs from

your website, yield the time to analysis the companies you

recommend. Alone represent companies that are of accepted

nature and accept a solid Internet presence. Remember the

companies you acclaim will accept an appulse on your business


You can abridge the accent of developing business

relationships in one-sentence…”Building relationships builds

retention, assimilation builds sales, sales grows your


Copyright 2003-2005

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Testosterone Free Marketing for Women in Business

Are Your Lack of Business Abilities Captivation You Aback From the Success You Deserve?

Secrets of Success for Women Entrepreneurs Who Would Rather Get a Bikini Wax than Bazaar Their Home-based Business

Does the anticipation of business your business drive you to chocolate? If “getting the chat out” makes you feel afflictive and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. In my plan apprenticeship over 1,000 men and women during the endure three years I’ve apparent big differences amid men and women and how they handle the challenges that business throws at every baby business.


Did you apperceive women are starting businesses at four times the amount of men and now apply added humans than the Fortune 500 combined? But businesses endemic by women are generally still not taken seriously. In my accessible book, “Testosterone-Free Marketing: Secrets Why ‘Old Boys’ Business Doesn’t Plan for Women” I altercate why business makes abounding women afraid and what to do about it. Abounding women don’t bazaar their businesses pro-actively consistent in beneath success and beneath banking freedom.

Did you dream of a activity of affluence if you started your home-based business alone to attempt to awning your bills every month? It happens a lot. Women alpha a home-based business to accept added time with their families and generally their assets drops dramatically. It doesn’t accept to be this way. Effective business that works with your appearance as a woman can advice you put added banknote in your abridged with beneath effort.


One affair for abounding women is they can’t chronicle to the guns, cannons and “scorched earth” business that are about killing the antagonism at any cost. Women don’t wish to annihilate anyone. We feel afflictive “nailing the sale” if the blow of our lives are about architecture relationships and extending a duke in friendship. We abhorrence accepting pushy, artful or annoying. So we generally delay for others to admit a acquirement from us. This is abnormally accurate for women aloft to be “good girls” and not “toot their own horn.”


Katherine has been disturbing for two years accepting her online business started. She offers a amalgamation of casework and advice to advice added online entrepreneurs accompany added cartage to their websites. Her digitally delivered advice artefact accommodate an amazing arrangement of acceptable tips, ideas, strategies, software and added that’s simple to use and can advice body website cartage fast. But her website is a ambagious hodge-podge. There is no focal point. Nothing leads visitors to accept the advice is provided by an able or authority. Katherine feels afflictive calling herself an expert. Because her website is loaded with so abounding chargeless items the alone humans who appointment are humans searching for freebies not austere shoppers who intend to buy. The result: she works harder and wonders if the floodgates will open.

Lana is a basic assistant. She’s bright, accomplished and computer-savvy. Her business is based on billable hours. Endure anniversary she got a new client, but he told her he couldn’t acquiesce her alternate rate. Lana cut her fees because she couldn’t stop cerebration about how she was traveling to pay the hire on her apartment. If Lana congenital up her amount with business instead of acid ante she would allure audience accommodating to pay her abounding amount after discounting or devaluing her skills. Like abounding women, Lana is afflictive extensive out to others with her message. Consequently she works for beneath than what the bazaar says her abilities are worth.


What’s traveling on? Women generally accompany to their home-based businesses the aforementioned nesting, adorning characteristics they are acclimated to at home. They aswell accompany the abilities and ability they accept about their artefact or service. Business has no gender but humans do. Business is generally out of their abundance zone. But it’s the accomplishment bare to actualize abounding banknote breeze even if we don’t do it the aforementioned way as men.

Since a home-based business doesn’t accept a assurance to draw humans in like a retail store, added agency accept to be acclimated to allure barter or clients. After this focus your business will be out of antithesis and unprofitable.


“It never hurts to ask!” goes a adage you’re acceptable to apprehend from a man with a aloft countenance and a grin. The adult aggressor role of authoritative the aboriginal move is demography abode if a man says these words.

“I shouldn’t accept to ask!” a woman says with a sigh. Every man has annoyed his arch in annoyance at these words. Expecting others to apprehend your apperception is chancy abnormally in business. Consider the percentages of men and women who fit in the categories below:

  • Men are about “Fortune” magazine; women are about “Working Mom”.
  • Men are about Tom Clampett novels; women are about Danielle Steele
  • Men are about Dave Letterman; women are about Oprah Winfrey
  • Men are about Home Depot, women are about Nordstrom’s
  • Men wish new accoutrement for Christmas, women wish a new fragrance
  • Women are about accepting abstruse and again boring adage yes.
  • Men are about allurement and women are about receiving.

According to a abstraction by the American Association of University Women, girls get quieter in sixth brand and bead to minimum levels of chic accord in seventh and eighth grades. It could be we aces up the bulletin earlier; acquirements that saying, “I want” or “I need” seems boorish and unattractive.


Love it or abhorrence it, business is about allurement for what you want. And while in claimed relationships it’s still generally astute admonition to delay for others to alarm you, in business it is silly. We can’t delay for barter the way we waited for the beautiful boy who sat next to us in High School History Chic to alarm for a date. Business will appear to us, if we let the apple apperceive we are here, we are competent and we are ready.


Happily, while autograph my book, men accept consistently been my greatest cheerleaders. Some industries are still testosterone-driven but abounding of the ‘dinosaurs’ captivation women aback accept retired and confused on. I accept apparent the adversary and she is us.

Women entrepreneurs advance if we are accurate and offered solutions. My teleclasses will advice you accept yourself as a woman and accommodate basal business strategies to advice you accomplish in means that are peaceful, affable and acquiesce you to relax and be yourself rather than contrivance bullets. If you apprentice these keys your banknote breeze soars and your self-esteem grows, too.

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